Claims Recovery Financial Services with Exceptional Results

Claims Recovery Group has recovered millions of dollars in wrongful post audit claims since 1997.

At Claims Recovery Group we have extensive experience in recovering wrongful post-audit claims. We have been in this business for more than 30 years, and have recovered millions of dollars for almost 50 large food and CPG manufacturers that do business with Canadian retailers.

Unlike large audit firms we are highly specialized in post audit claims recovery services. We have the specialized analytical expertise and investigative audit skills and achieve extraordinary results:

  • extensive work experience on how post audit claims are put together
  • audit knowledge on the structure of trade deals
  • training to research deductions in detail, line-by-line

Based on our extensive experience we succeed in recovering 60% or more of the claim, where other third-party auditors often only recover 40% or less of post-audit claims. We even achieve these results in ‘second pass’ audits after the internal staff has completed their review.

Our sole focus is maximizing the dollar value of our claims recovery services to benefit your bottom line and reinvest funds into your trade spending account.

We get paid a percentage commission on the claims recovered. Therefore, our claims recovery services actually cost our clients nothing and all direct labour costs related to the financial services is covered by Claims Recovery Group.

Post audit Specialist

We have specialized completely in post-audit deductions. Recovering your money from wrongful claims is all we do.

30+ Years Experience

We have been in business since 1997 reclaiming wrongful claims for CPG manufacturers. We typically get 60-70% of your claim back.

No recovery, no pay

We get paid a percentage of what we get back for you.